by Lionel Ketchian

Yes, there is a happiness formula that will help you understand happiness, and how it can work for you.

It is called the DOC Formula for Happiness.

The letter D is for DECISION, the letter O is for OBSTACLE, and the letter C  is for CHOICE.
The formula goes like this, Happiness = Decision –  Obstacle + Choice.

You can now become your own Happiness Doctor. Your  decision to be happy is negatively affected by
obstacles and controlled by  your choice.

You must make the decision to be happy now. The  moment you make a decision you create power with it. Your life is too  important to be left to mere chance. By making this decision you change from  passive to powerful, and this really gives you the power to carry out your  decision. Anthony Robbins puts it well: “It’s in your moments of decision  that your destiny is shaped.”

Let’s start off with your decision to be  happy, you now have 100% happiness. If you don’t start off with  happiness, you’re never going to find happiness. Happiness is an  inside job. Everyone can be happy right now, even with  your problems.

Let’s say you are 100% happy now. Very soon  an OBSTACLE in life happens to you. It will overcome you if handled in the  wrong way. It can be overcome, if handled in the right way. The first step is  to understand that life is presenting something to you that you are seeing as  an obstacle. The second part of the formula is, Decision -(minus)  Obstacle. You have to deduct the obstacle from the 100% happiness you  had.

Let’s say that having no problem represents 100 on the obstacle  scale, and having a very big problem represents 0 on the obstacle scale. Than  if you have a flat tire, and it represents 50 on your obstacle scale than you  have deducted 50 from your 100% happiness and you are left with only 50%.  Once you are under 51% you have given up controlling interest in managing  your life. Unhappiness is lack of control. Happiness is control.

If  you treat a problem on a scale of 0-100 as a 90 and if 0 = a sledgehammer and  90 = a feather. You are better off hitting yourself with the feather than the  sledgehammer. You have to find a way to reduce the problem in your  mind with the right choice so you do not hurt yourself. The feather allows  you to be light on yourself and more accepting of things and change them the  best way you know how.

What happens when you have an obstacle? You run  up against an obstacle and you lose your happiness. You think that the  obstacle you are facing is exactly what will take your happiness away. It is  necessary not to make the obstacle more than it is. Why not accept it as just  something that can happen to anyone, this time around it happened to you.  It is what you can do about it that really matters.

Now, what do we do  about it? The last part is Obstacle + (plus) Choice. What choice you make  will determine how much happiness and power you will have. Your choice and not your problem will determine this.

You can even make a choice  to live with the problem you cannot change. This immediately raises your  acceptance of the problem and gives you back the happiness you  were losing. You are back in control again and balancing the scales to  100%, back in your own favor. When you think more about the problem than you  think about the solution, you lose all control. That is how you get wrapped  up in the problem and lose your happiness. You can take control of the  obstacles in your life, by making the best choices.

Happiness = Decision  – Obstacle + Choice.

You must have the intention, the decision to be happy,  you must handle the obstacles that come your way by making the best  choices you can. You must want happiness even more than you want to get  rid of the problem.

You can think of the happiness formula with decision  as the highway, and obstacles might be the weather, traffic and  construction delays, accidents, and choice would be the steering wheel. As  long as you stay on the highway and have taken hold of the steering wheel,  you have ultimate control over your destiny. The obstacles along the  way increase your driving proficiency, and make you a better driver. By  taking control your able to see that what other people call problems are just  life’s little bumps in the road.

Two thousand years ago during the years  55-135 AD, a Greek slave named Epictetus became a philosopher. He said these profound words: “There is only one way to happiness and that is  to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.” Why  does it take mankind so long to learn that happiness is in our control? I  don’t have the answer to that question, but I do have the Formula for  Happiness.

Being happy will sustain you for the rest of your  life. Without the decision to be happy, you will never be happy.
With the  decision, the obstacles you encounter will only make you more determined.  Happiness is power because of the control you have over yourself, by making  the best choice for every obstacle you encounter. We live in a country  that gives us the freedom to carry out our own pursuit of happiness. You have  the power to make your life the best it can be. CHOICE is your God given  right. Choose wisely, choose well, and by all means, always  choose happiness.

The next time someone tells you  they can’t be happy. Show them the DOC Formula for Happiness and tell them —  do the math!