Ongo Breathe More game

That’s why at Ongo Health we make it fun!

Our Ongo Breathe More breathing games and text messages engage patients so they will do their breathing exercises.

Engage your Patients:

  • Post Surgery Respiratory Care
  • Anxiety
  • Long Covid-19 Recovery


Are you Tired of showing your patients how to use a Spirometer and they never use it?

You tell them to do their breathing exercises every two hours. The patients says, “sure, I will do them”. When they return for a follow up visit, you ask the patient if they did the breathing exercises and they say “yes”. You do not see any signs of breathing improvement knowing well the patient never used the spirometer. This has been going on for decades.

How it Works

Ongo Breathe More changes that with an internet enabled spirometer that lets patients play a breathing game. We record their breathing volume and how often they are doing their breathing exercises. This way when you see them at follow up visits, you have data to talk about.

Our text messaging service reminds patients to do their breathing exercises and motivates them on days when they need a little nudge.

Why Ongo Health?

You may be facing challenges with re-admissions, getting patients to follow treatment plans or communicating with you. Ongo Health’s games and social interactions make it fun for your patients so they start to value their own well-being and become more engaged with the world around them.