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Breathing is Life!

Who isn’t feeling more stressed and anxious these days? Take a break! Breathing exercises have been proven to be an effective tool in decreasing heart rate, blood pressure and alleviating anxiety, which helps to control pain response in the brain. Ongo Breathe More games give patients temporarily distraction from constantly thinking about their anxiety or pain and promote relaxation.

What if you could play breathing games and get in touch with your breathing when you are feeling anxious or stressed out?

Doctors, nurses and therapists told us to make it fun so people can learn to focus on their breathing patterns. That’s why we designed breathing exercise games to put you in touch with how you are breathing and your breathing patterns when you are feeling stressed out.

Maybe you have asthma or are recovering from long covid or are one of the millions of people who feel stressed out all the time with too much anxiety.
Play our games and get in touch with your breathing. See if our games have a calming and relaxing effect when you are stressed out or on anxiety overload.